Seamless bridge expansion joint system

Seamless bridge expansion joint system

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Currently, the bridge expansion joints are generally butt, steel Bearing, combination shear (plate), and the elastic modulus-supporting means.
Butt joints
Butt joints means more different structural forms and its mechanical characteristics can be divided into packing and butt-type embedded solid butt type two. Butt telescopic device is packed asphalt, wood, oakum, rubber and other materials filling the gap, retractable body in any case a state of compression. Such telescopic device is generally used for stretching the amount of 40mm or less in the conventional engineering, but is now rare. Embeded docking joints means using different forms of steel members of different shapes rubber strip (band) embedded firmly fixed, and the rubber strip (band) tensile and compressive deformation to absorb the deformation of the beam, which may be in the body by stretching overpressure condition. Also in tension.
Steel supporting telescopic device
When the amount of deformation of the bridge stretching more than 50mm, often with steel telescopic device. The telescopic device when the vehicle travels often due to the rotation of the beam end deflection or deformation of the rattling effect, noise, and easy to make structural damage. Thus, with a spring bolt requires the use of a device to fix the slide plate to reduce noise and rattling, the expansion joint structure is relatively complicated.
A combination of shear (plate) rubber expansion means
The device is using a variety of different cross-sectional shape of the rubber band as a caulking material telescopic device. Since the rubber flexible, easy to paste, but also to meet the requirements of the deformation and with waterproof function. Thus, in the domestic and foreign bridge engineering it has been widely used.
Modulus telescopic device support
Plate Rubber Products in this category telescopic device, a large amount of displacement is difficult to meet the requirements; steel type of telescopic device, it is difficult to achieve watertight seal, and likely to cause impact on the vehicle, the impact of travel of the vehicle. Accordingly, there has been a good performance and easy to use shock-absorbing cushion so that sealed rubber material with good strength high performance shaped steel combination, in the case of a large amount of displacement can withstand all types of vehicle load-bearing die number (Modular ) bridge expansion series.
Elastomer telescopic device
Elastomer telescopic device into zinc metal joints and TST gravel expansion joint, elastomer telescopic device is a simple expansion joint device for small and medium-span bridges, when the amount of stretching
TST gravel can be used elastic expansion joint device when 20mm-40mm or less, after the special elastic-plastic material TST heated and melted, poured into the cleaned gravel heating, that the formation of the elastic joints TST gravel, crushed stone with to support the vehicle load, TST elastoplastic body at a 25 �� ~ 60 �� conditions to meet the requirements of the amount of stretch.
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