solid flooring choose

solid flooring choose

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The rapid development of the market's future flag flooring parquet direction in recent years, with the continuous improvement of the rapid development of China's economy and people's living standards, ideas for patio floors cheap China's wood flooring production industry has entered a rapid development time. From the Chinese Forestry Industry Association latest statistics from the point of view, in 2004, China's actual wood flooring production reached 257 million square meters, second only to the EU, the world became a veritable wood flooring producer. Of which: 150 million square meters of laminate flooring, solid wood flooring 70 million square meters, 33 million square meters of parquet. Wood flooring products and annual output value reached 300 billion yuan. China's wood flooring production of wood products industry has become a decisive force in the industry. Such a large amount of wood flooring products, on the one hand to satisfy the huge demand for people at home decoration, supplier of pvc fence in philippines it also exported overseas such as Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, North America, Europe and many other countries and regions. It can be said that China is now a Major produced by a wood floor production and export of power forward. In recent years, China's wood flooring industry to see continued progress and new achievements, a number can not be avoided, ignored, or even urgent need to address the problems emerge. Solid wood flooring face resource bottlenecks First, from the point of view of solid wood flooring. Solid wood flooring is natural wood base, more high-end solid wood flooring, the more requires large amounts of precious wood. China is now the timber resources, can not meet this demand, and only rely on the Southeast Asian timber production in Southeast Asia, cheap composite railing Russia and European production capacity of the Northern broadleaf hardwood timber and Africa, South America and other places produced precious broadleaf rainforest hardwoods. But we all know, because of environmental issues and disaster problems (such as fire, tsunamis, landslides, etc.), wood producing countries around the world are all adjustment policies to protect their forest resources, logging ban, limit cutting trees or only allow exports of processed timber products to improve added value. In short, the shortage of timber resources has become a solid wood floor again to FIG brilliant bottleneck or deadlock. In addition to crude oil prices, composite decking vendor increased freight costs higher. And accompanied by progress of the times, more and more consumers environmental awareness and a gradual increase in consumer attitudes and changes to the shop at the foot of a large number of forest resources has been moving away from the practice.
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