How to care for wooden doors

How to care for wooden doors

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Doors due to the use of wood processing, while the flat area, and less fixed point, it is the most prone to deformation and cracking of wood to make decorative one. Since the doors after deformation will directly lead to insulation, airtight and beautiful houses, so understanding the reasons the doors of deformation before it becomes particularly important decoration decoration knowledge.

Natural timber during the growth of a variety of factors, resulting in uneven density wood (on the sunny side of the ring density, core and sapwood), when the timber is changed after the balance away with the internal stress, of wood deformation and cracking.

High moisture content of wood is another main reason leading to the doors of deformation during use with reduced water content, the internal stress of wood will slowly revealed, resulting in deformation and cracking.

Primary means to prevent timber deformation method is the use of machinery and technology to change the internal stress of wood, and moisture content, change the internal stress of the most effective and commonly used method is pine or fir (both timber within less stress) were finger . Changing the moisture content of wood method is secondary drying (natural drying after steam drying). The quality of the production of wooden doors process, such as press pressure, temperature, balancing layer, glue and other factors will directly affect the doors in the course of deformation, cracking.

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