Small outer mold precast box girder system

Small outer mold precast box girder system

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Currently, the technology has been applied for utility model patents. Small box girder prefabrication outer mold system, a small box beam quality and efficiency of new technology down this morning of May 26, in the three companies to pay two public Dayue speed 15 contract section of the project construction site, the reporter witnessed the construction of small prefabricated box beam changes brought about by new technology innovation.

With the beam field workers of them are pressing the power button, a template like "Transformers" is divided into four blocks to slowly open on both sides, slowly separated from the beam. Gradually exposed concrete beam smooth and delicate, angular. Press a switch and four template along the track "go" on another pedestal. "Left 2 cm forward by rising 2 cm, the top die", with colleagues while measuring the side instructs them are familiar with the operation of the control buttons, four templates and grouped together.

Less than one morning, two people completed a set of templates disassembly and assembly. 30 m box beam outer mold disassembly, operation in this is something a few buttons. The overall hydraulic template, a vertical and a horizontal set of templates divided into four blocks, each under the trolley can be moved from one base station to another base station along the longitudinal rails. Each trolley set two hydraulic cylinders, a control template to make a lateral move horizontally to achieve mold and mold; a template control up and down movement, adjust the height. Just press this button, the entire template form removal can be done automatically, move, assemble.

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