Many advantages of wood flooring which point you most heart?

Many advantages of wood flooring which point you most heart?

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<p>Modern home improvement flooring wood floor almost chose the one hand, wood floors can play the role of landscaping decoration effect, on the other hand to better protect their families, and wooden flooring natural environment is well known, the following small series with a look it! more beautiful wood floors, luxury. On the effect of the decoration, wooden floor tile than beautiful, luxurious, almost all of the world-famous building wood flooring (France: Notre Dame, the Louvre, the Elysee Palace; Russia: Kremlin; United States: the White House, the US Capitol; UK Winter session of Russia, Vladimir Putin back to the President of trainee places are laying wooden floors, national athletes met President Xi also shop where wooden floors Buckingham Palace, etc.) on: More worry flooring, wood flooring construction process is a unified technical standards.</p>

<p> As long as you choose the right varieties, flooring businesses usually a package in the end, giving all accessories, home delivery, responsible for the installation, and maintenance and other basic is train service. In contrast, relatively worry tile, ceramic tile for it, that is, to consider its varieties, but also consider whether their sizes are consistent with the ground and will not appear unsightly strip tiles. At the same time to get into their own sand, cement and hired workers to construction. In addition, for different sizes of tiles, laying claim their wages and the cost it is not the same. Environmental health, environmental protection, said the floor is poor, it is because he is still stuck in laminate flooring formaldehyde release this indisputable fact, but with the advancement of technology and level of consumption, laminate flooring has gradually withdrawn from the market in the mainstream arena, replaced by a solid wood floor. Solid wood floor security has been far greater than the tiles, because the tiles have natural radioactivity on the human body has some damage, and this can not be changed.</p>

<p> Wood floors warm, friendly, wood is the crown of creation, the breath of life and nature have extremely modest, wooden floors good advantage heritage trees, gentle color, softness good, give people a kind of affinity and harmony feeling; relatively stiff in terms of natural ice bricks laid in a more suitable home. Good insulation properties of wood flooring, wood flooring indoor temperature insulation has the advantage, because the fast heat conduction and tiles, insulation performance is relatively worse. In particular, but without heating near the spring or autumn and winter heating did not open when the whole ground feels will become very cold, uncomfortable, if the housing position north, the situation will become more serious. Wood floor affordable in price, the same quality of floor tile is cheaper than.Wood floor better protect their families, families with children and the elderly, since the child's lively and mischievous action inconvenience the elderly, prone to falls and accidents grazing small family, the tile for the elderly, children undoubtedly hurt severe than a wooden floor.</p>

<p> On the replacement or renovation waste, wood flooring is easier than tiles. When you need or want to change the decoration again another wooden or tiled, when replacement of wooden flooring is very easy, but also for the free plastic floor can also be secondary use, greatly reducing the waste and pay funds material. Tile comparison of work, if the replacement is not so easy to turn, you do not get rid of the original tiles will occupy interior height space, you get rid of the very time-consuming, laborious, more difficult than tiled.</p>

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