Hydraulic system in the mold

Hydraulic system in the mold

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In addition to using the outer mold, the mold hydraulic system also makes the mold removed, loaded into a relaxed living. I saw Zhang operated the pump power switch in the role of hydraulic jacks, the entire inner mold shrinkage in the box beam folded.

After Li operating the hoist slowly from the intima box girder withdrawn less than twenty minutes, the mold firmly on the side of parked in the mold of the pedestal. The biggest feature is the innovative technology saves manpower, thus reducing the impact of workers in the handling, installation and removal procedures often occur, scratches and other accidents, to reduce the intensity of construction workers, improve worker within the mold assembly and disassembly operations environment, improve production efficiency, the inherent quality and appearance. In addition, the tire mold steel banding lifting overall use of new technology, but also reduces errors due to manual operation when banding appears, make steel more uniform spacing and regulatory compliance, reduce the difficulty of workers to operate, greatly speeding up the construction schedule, to achieve a reinforcement lashing factory, standardized construction.

15 contract section chief project engineer Li Qiang told reporters the war, "the workers to experience easy and efficient pursuit of just one aspect of the project, through automation avoiding manual errors, standardization and quality of the project have been significantly improved."

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