The degree of popularity of bamboo flooring board market

The degree of popularity of bamboo flooring board market

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Market in the degree of popularity soaring bamboo flooring flooring industry has never been a lack of new products and concepts. <a href="">soundproof decorative wall panels distributors</a> But in the face of dazzling new concept, consumers still have to understand their needs, so that rational consumption. The current market trend of new development can be divided into three types: First, wood flooring fresh color after another, over a hundred species, from the initial red beech, <a href="">anti-aging wpc exterior railing russia</a> cherry wood to teak, oak, etc., have been numerous, and each color and the separation of different shades of color, which in turn spawned more colors, so that consumers have no choice. Second, <a href="">low cost deck material</a> most of the flooring products with the word "foot feeling comfortable" banner. Laminate flooring solid wood flooring foot feeling began to move closer. Sports flooring, resilient flooring and other new products, by increasing the thickness of the floor mat or paste, to achieve lower noise, no edging and other effects. Third, it emphasizes special features of floor fast. Including the silent flooring, floor antimicrobial nano flooring and bamboo flooring sales soared this year, <a href="">colorado building code deck railing</a> and so on. It is noteworthy that many of the concepts and credible, nanotechnology is not possible for the floor; antibacterial floor and also to some extent play a bactericidal effect, according to the consumer or to the consumer demand reason.
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