How to choose the doors

How to choose the doors

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As late craft paint sets of wooden doors processing plant, which will directly affect the final results. At the same time one of the biggest part of the cost of the paint on doors is cost.

Kind of paint roughly divided into phenolic paint, alkyd paint, polyurethane paint, lacquer, polyester paint and PU paint. Wherein the phenolic and alkyd paint because the paint texture and poor adhesion, substantially eliminated in the decoration, the extensive use of the lacquer, used on high-end furniture PU polyester paint and lacquer.

Lacquers due to the construction is relatively simple, suitable for manual operation, done by most hand-decorated wood use, but the film is thin, feel good, the effect is not ideal. Polyester paint film relatively thick, but the diluent containing radon during volatile and weaker film hardness. Ideally PU paint, paint PU polyester paint not only the film thick, strong adhesion, transparency level, good benefits, and it's made of wood moisture sealing also has a very important role, PU paint hardness, durability, resistance to yellowing and environmental protection are also other paints can not match.

As the cost (lacquer 8-15 yuan / kg, polyester paint 18-28 yuan / kg, PU paint 43--65 yuan / kg) problem, processing methods and equipment currently on the market use 90% of the sets of wooden doors polyester paint, a few manufacturers use PU paint. In general, polyester paint and PU paint to go through to find color, three bottom sides and other six processes, some brands increased curing and applying wax process.

Therefore, when choosing doors, paint is one of the factors that must be considered, which directly affects the texture, feel, moisture, environmental protection, durable, resistant to yellowing and other issues.

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