According to TMZ accounts

According to TMZ accounts

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According to TMZ accounts, Cavaliers coach tyronn Lue claimed that Allen Iverson can come regarding his coach, Iverson was inducted into the hall of fame a week ago formally.

In a speech on the hall of fame, Iverson said that within the 2001 finals, Lu went to Wa, they played together.

"I said I was at the free throw line, " if you do not like to stop my potent words, we will have to help fight, "he said, " whatever, just ', I said, "you get an yearly salary of $5 million even if you were chasing me personally? " He said, 'thank you. '" Iverson said in a very speech.

The final 15 years ago, the Lakers home the courtroom at Staples Center, Iverson hit a move back jumper from if the Lakers guard Lu who stepped over.

"I love Iverson being a brother, and we have a very close relationship, " Lu told Iverson these days. "

However, Lu also said Iverson did not tell him before although talk about him in addition to his story, Lu also admitted in which Iverson told the story does work.

"I love him such as a brother, I am so happy that they has been elected on the hall of fame, he deserves it. He is one of the finest players in the NBA 2k17 Coins. " Lu said.

So does Iverson speak many rubbish? Lu said: "he can't speak a lot of trash, unless you annoy him or her, he will take it being a personal grudge, but he is an amazing player, I am happy intended for him. "

Iverson said he knew of individuals who have become a good coach after the defensive players, then Lu is that Iverson can be a great coach?

"He could come and teach me. " Lu said.

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