The price of solid wood flooring brand stable

The price of solid wood flooring brand stable

Postautor: harden » 18 wrz 2016, o 11:50

Global commodity futures markets in 2008 were pieces of heavy, but all commodity prices have recently rebounded significantly, especially in the steel, coal, nonferrous metals, oil, timber and other resource commodities. Recently, the market price of wood has been gradually out of the trough, they began to rise slightly, so the price of solid wood flooring steady upward trend will also appear.

Meanwhile, the impact of the economic environment since last year, large domestic timber supplier confidence in the setback, the total stock of raw materials market is relatively not high, the other factory, dealer inventories are not large, coupled with 3 - good sales in May increased upcoming renovation delivery peak demand, short-term supply and demand relationship is also a major cause of the recent timber prices began to rise. With the global financial crisis gradually bottomed, driving export demand also contributed to the rise in prices.

Price brand solid wood flooring has long been relatively stable, the reason is that enterprises in order to maintain brand image and ensure long-term development requires a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to carry out scientific and technological innovation, improve management, and constantly upgrade product quality, rich color, improve services a set of values. As we all know, the price of solid wood flooring composed mainly contains original material, manufacturing, logistics, including raw material costs accounted for the largest proportion.

Raw material prices, increased labor costs to implement a new labor law, to ensure product grade materials, so the cost will only increase. With the global economy gradually stabilized, the current volume of activity the domestic real estate market has increased significantly, people's consumer confidence further enhanced.

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