Association Flooring Committee

Association Flooring Committee

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Photocatalyst in the absorption of formaldehyde really works. Photocatalyst as a new material, will not cause secondary pollution theory, however, due to different manufacturers each photocatalyst technology, we can not say the photocatalyst will not cause secondary pollution. In addition, the use of more complex operations photocatalyst,pallet from plastic profiles generally provided by the use of specialized service companies.

Floor formaldehyde solution VI: purification treatment method Currently air purifier on the market into negative type, type ozone, adsorption filtration, cost of cedar deck compared to composite electrostatic and photocatalytic integrated type. Different air purifiers have different works, such as anion type is by producing negative ions, decomposition odor in the air and dust adhesion, so as to achieve the purpose of indoor air purification.

Air purifiers have a certain effect in absorbing the formaldehyde, but the use of air purifiers are generally valid only in enclosed spaces. If you use the air purifier in the case of open the window, rv interior wall paneling sale not only have little effect, but also a waste of electricity.Vice president of China Timber Circulation Association Flooring Committee Yang Meixin that from the United States International Trade Commission, "337" practice investigation point of view.
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