Stronger flooring industry saving way to go

Stronger flooring industry saving way to go

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Chinese flooring industry has reached a crossroads. Although China has become the world's largest producer of flooring, but the highest growth rate in the market parquet market, currently more than 40 companies in the top surface are mostly regional companies, less investment, weak in strength. Low long-term competition in the market floor caught in the quagmire, the entire floor general lack of market brand, quality construction and planning, it is difficult to further improve. Our flooring industry to do strong, we must pay attention to quality and brand building, to promote and encourage adapt to consumer trends parquet and take coordinated development path of resource conservation. A saving of resources on the floor flooring industry now, <a href="">fiberglass composite panels</a> China's market price and the quality of the floor there is a serious dislocation of the situation, a lot less than the price of solid wood flooring wood flooring, parquet and laminate flooring Low compete for market share. Industry production quality management confusion, so that our flooring industry boom also hidden behind the crisis. In 2004, China flooring market continues to maintain an encouraging development trend, the total output of nearly 250 million square meters, but harmonious proportions, <a href="">cheap large floor tiles for garden</a> 140 million square meters of laminate flooring, solid wood flooring 080 million square meters, 040 million square meters of solid wood flooring . In the international arena has become the main trend of consumption of parquet, accounting for 16%, accounting for the smallest market share, which in fact caused a serious waste of resources. There are reports analysis, China is the lack of a national timber resources, wood flooring wood resource consumption, do not meet industrial policy and environmental protection concept of the forest, in the market and social living space will become increasingly smaller. The parquet surface is only 2-4 mm made of high quality wood, 11-13 mm substrate substantially artificial fast-growing wood, which means that more than 75% of the fast-growing use of synthetic material, 25% less use of high-quality wood. Relatively pure solid wood flooring, parquet save a lot of high-quality timber, to save timber resources has profound practical significance; the quality of the floor and want to change the brand of efficient growth, <a href="">fall ceiling with plastic Indonesia</a> the urgent need to parquet as a breakthrough, bring the whole flooring industry the overall improvement. Therefore, this year July 28, Robin Wood Co., Ltd. of Hong Kong and Shanghai Wing Lai company jointly invested 260 million yuan building Robin Wood Limited production of parquet officially listed. The project is one of the parquet largest investment project in China. Prior to 2001, Robin Group has invested 160 million yuan acquisition of Jiangxi Yichun MDF plant, and has invested nearly 800 million yuan construction of the plant has become China's most advanced high-MDF production base. In domestic flooring market, Robin took the lead frame a complete industrial chain, so that the construction of a high industry platform, opened the competition with the domestic level where small and scattered small brands. Grafting current international brands, Chinese flooring products exports continued to grow, <a href="">cheap wpc floor products Europe</a> but because of the low prices in the international market position in the role, often subjected to anti-dumping proceedings in the United States and Europe. Robyn as an international brand, all products in strict accordance with European standards of production, and Robin brand through its own channels to enter the US and European markets, its experience will also provide reference for domestic enterprises. Shanghai Robin Robin Wood Companies to invest in Hong Kong, Singapore subordinate Robin Group, one of Singapore's most famous company. Early 1990s, Robin Group invested $ 70 million to build MDF production plant in Malaysia, making the floor Robin become Southeast Asia's benchmark companies. In 2004, the acquisition of Robin Classen German companies in the United States, sales channels, set up their own independent marketing company in the United States ---- RobinaInc. Through mergers and acquisitions and a great leap forward, Robin floor technology, production and sales has accumulated a wealth of technology and brand influence, to become one of European markets cutting-edge brand flooring. In China, the first Robin occupy Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Dalian, Qingdao and other cities, from the point and the surface, rapidly expand market offensive, the international brand grafting to the domestic market, as domestic parquet most powerful national brand-building manufacturers. Especially in the production process, Robin's processes meet environmental protection requirements. In the factory, the Robin's own production of E1-class environmental protection glue, water, environmental protection, non-toxic, harmless, in line with European environmental standards and equipped laboratories devoted to the intrinsic properties of the product for testing, in strict accordance with the standard model and organization produce.
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