Wood floor care and so well, what she has done!

Wood floor care and so well, what she has done!

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<p>Beautiful natural wood floors, well received by everyone's favorite. But now a lot of people find it hard to lift the wood floor care, is poised to work before actually installed, you can extend the good wood flooring practical life, teach everyone to bagging the following reasons appear and resolve some of the wooden floor Method. A wood floor bagging reasons. 1, the floor was soaking wet The main causes of bagging the floor is often subject to large blisters, following torrential rain not related windows into the rain erosion, water stains did not timely processing and immersion floor.</p>

<p> After the floor was blisters, arched floor volume increases, this problem because people often caused by improper handling. 2, wood flooring tight, if the laying of the dry season, when the humidity increases, the floor with the ambient humidity increases swelling width, the floor can not be tightly bolted together to make it stretch, only to swell up, causing bagging. 3, floor moisture content is too low, in addition, is also possible that the low moisture content of wood flooring, wood flooring too dry once wet deformation caused by water absorption transition bagging. Second, resolve family bagging wood floor there are ways to use on weekdays and cleaning, as long as possible to keep the floor clean and dry, not too wet dripping cloth mop, not heavy or sharp weapon hit the ground, you will not encounter to bagging deformation, severe paint wear flowers phenomenon. </p>

<p>If the wood floor bagging degree is relatively small, then the doors and windows, air-conditioning dehumidification function, control indoor humidity can restore itself. If the arch is very serious degree, master recommend resurfacing and re-adjust the joints, remove baseboards stone to replace the old floor; dismantling the floor surface if damaged, should be replaced with new flooring. Third, the wooden floor bagging prevention precautions. 1, the stability of the pavement before selecting a good product. Paving of the isolation layer moisture, water works, must comply with the requirements laid. When the floor surface coverings, leave enough expansion joints; after the completion of the pavement, and do not forget to strengthen wood floor maintenance, ventilation and indoor relative humidity control. 2, after the completion of flooring, you need health 24 hours before use, so as not to affect the results of the floor.</p>

<p>3, in the laying of solid wood flooring, must be done to deal with moisture, bathroom and room on the ground there is no good isolation, it will affect the life of the floor. To keep the wood floor finish and extend the life of the paint, we recommend waxing maintenance twice a year. Before waxing first wipe the floor clean, and then evenly spread a layer of floor wax on the surface, wipe with a soft cloth slightly dry until smooth and shiny.</p>

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