wood plastic floor Wars

wood plastic floor Wars

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With the main theme of the home improvement market, the rapid development of China's real estate market, buyers led decoration hot heat, while the floor has been more widely used in home decorating, with the home decorating heat off, plastics look like expensive wood affecting the rapid development of the flooring industry, Sichuan brand flooring has grown in strength, some of the foreign brands has also been settled in Suining floor, and even some low-grade floor is also good enough just to grab some market share, leading the market to grow at the same time there are some non-standard situation. Recently, the reporter unannounced visits to a number of brand floor to see what tactics they compete in the market. In the understanding of that, at present, the domestic wood floor mainly owned enterprises and joint ventures with Power Dekor, Kyrgyzstan elephant, Guodong, Dell, and other well-known domestic brands as Xilinmen leader, these brands but also contains geothermal flooring, solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, laminate flooring and other multiple series. The peak of the upcoming home improvement, brand competition was about to begin, Power Dekor on October 20 launched the first "Power Dekor E0 Health and floor section," Where in the purchase before September 4th floor E1 environmental protection, advantages and disadvantages of wall panelling India the maximum win 4999 dollar cash prize. According to sales personnel, the province will have to produce 50 awards, this one, a few days Order Dekor increase of nearly 2,000 square meters. Del floor sales professionals live, in order to meet the arrival of the peak season, the audience launched a large attractive% discount none other, in which dozens of low-floor minimum price of only 66 yuan / square meter. Staff told reporters, Del floor recently awarded "China ****", the upcoming Teachers' Day by the opportunity, to help our customers, the company's publicity strategy, but also part of an attempt to defraud consumers a small price brand boycott. Guodong floor, Kyrgyzstan as Xilinmen also began planning promotional activities, expected in September is coming soon. painting composite wood furniture Mauritius Floor in ceramics, reporters learned that there are now ceramic floors built Sichuan and Guangdong, loading points, the price difference is large, the sales market is also more confusing. Depending on the raw materials of which they are separated in different series features floor, non-professionals is difficult to be discerned in it, now we come into contact with a wide range of well-known brands such as the Great Wall of ceramic, Marco Polo, the new South Yuet, etc. are all champions Guangdong wear. So many brands in the market, industry sources said, the current competitive sales floor has reached the point of intense price war after another. In addition to the price war, "the concept of war" is also surging, just a few years time "to heat the floor", "antibacterial floor" and so the concept has been endless. This actually enhances the strength of the flooring manufacturers to allow consumers to enjoy a more affordable and better floor. Great Wall ceramics vendors told reporters, the coming season has attracted the attention of top company, we have introduced some flooring, the minimum discount limited sale of up to 50% off. Merchant spot to reporters calculations, adding a deck to existing concrete porch the price of ordinary Chuan built 20-50 yuan / tablets ranges, Guangdong is loaded up to 60 yuan / or more, and the launch of the Great Wall of ceramic floor none other half of the series, complete the introduction of foreign patents unique technology and raw materials, but for only 30 yuan each, the price is equivalent to the contents of Sichuan, Guangdong enjoy the package quality. Nanhai South Yuet ceramics company also introduced two low-floor, limited sale of 500 square meters, the minimum discount of up to 70% off. The face of the brand business thrown attractive conditions for new purchased more than 150 square meters of housing, are looking for favorite brands Mr Wong believes the floor, of course, none other to attract his attention, but the product quality and innovation more essential, the company also services should "seize" the market: First, advanced design concepts to win the favor of consumers; the second is in the selection of materials, to use environmentally-friendly, is conducive to human health materials; Third, after-sales service to be truly bits. So as to establish a strong brand position in the market, but also to promote healthy competition in the market.
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