Flooring materials

Flooring materials

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<p>1, wood flooring: Hardwood Floors hard texture, delicate texture, good wear resistance, elastic net, beautiful. Ordinary wood hardwood flooring used are ash, birch, walnut, locust wood, crabapple wood, beech, advanced wood floor use wood cherry wood, longan wood, camphor and the like. 2, cork flooring: mainly pine and fir (Keteleeria, hemlock, etc.), cedar production. Cork flooring seem warm, elastic.</p>

<p>2, but poor wear resistance. If drying is not enough, more deformable, dry. Parquet wood is used as raw material, there are the following three: 1, three-layer parquet. Using three different wood adhesive made of lead. Surface using a hard wood such as beech, birch, oak, cherry, ash, etc., the intermediate layer and the underlying use soft wood, such as pine elastic intermediate circuit board, solid wood to board, but also relatively lower cost. 2, multi-layer parquet. Multi-layer plywood for the substrate, the surface mosaic hardwood sheet, laminated by urea-formaldehyde resin.</p>

<p>3, new parquet. Surface using a hard wood such as beech, birch, oak, cherry. Ash, the intermediate layer and the underlying use of medium density fiberboard or high density fiberboard. Effectiveness and durability are associated with three-wood to board similar. Bamboo flooring bamboo flooring is made of treated, both the rich natural beauty of natural materials, but also the advantages of wear-resistant and durable, and decay, earthquake. Cool bamboo flooring, moisture resistant, easy to use, especially to reduce the use of wood, play a role in protecting the environment.</p>

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