Wood Floor Decoration

Wood Floor Decoration

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Floor as part of the decoration of a lot of people think of floor coverings is very simple, no technical content at all. In fact, the floor tiling contains a lot of subtleties and tricks. Paving error will affect the life of the floor, the effect will be greatly reduced. Following up learning skills and floor tiling precautions now!

Laying Note:

1, must do first before laying moisture, pest control treatment, the first insect sprinkle powder, and then covered with moisture-proof paper or film. Moisture-proof paper (film) to be mutually overlapping 20CM above, and shall be spread to the foot of a wall more than 10CM.

2, if it is used when laying the keel laying method, be sure to dryness keel and accessories, prohibit the use of poor quality, pollution, humidity, perishable, easy to moth-eaten materials for the keel and accessories, otherwise not construction.

3, use plywood or thick plywood laid plywood is best to use anti-corrosion paint for corrosion protection, but also the thickness of 9 mm or more. Sawn plywood are generally required 60 cm x 120 cm in size, to reserve a gap between the plywood and plywood of about 20 mm, and nailed on the ground.

Laying preparation:

1, the ground wet not dry, not clean, not construction.

2, termites or other insects around the ground, not construction.

3, the construction site cross-mixing operations, not construction.

4, was found inferior construction materials, pollution, and so easy to corrupt, not construction.

5, the construction period is too short, the implementation process can not be carried out, not construction.

6, the owners claim to be absolutely smooth, no color, if not, not construction.

the article come from:black timber semi privacy fences

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