Wood Plastic Composite Materials Industry

Wood Plastic Composite Materials Industry

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In recent days, sahnghai seven trust "sample room" before the opening ceremony of the preparatory work is in full swing. By then, you will see to WPC materials of all kinds of home improvement products, it will also take home to show its unique design style to the outside world.

In May 2016 the second session of the General Assembly of the United Nations Environment published "Healthy Planet, Healthy People" Report data shows that if you stay less than six months in the decoration, the prevalence of leukemia increased 4.76 times. Mainly because the materials used in the interior decoration and furniture, such as plywood, paints, coatings, adhesives and the like are to varying degrees contain formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic chemicals DMF. These residues or decomposition of the toxic substances will be gradually released into the surrounding environment, the release of the longest period of up to ten years. In addition, the study demonstrated that chronic exposure to benzene in the environment, will increase the risk of suffering from leukemia, early environmental benzene exposure often crowd, his leukemia prevalence will be 3-20 times the normal population. On young people and harmful substances excessive interior decoration materials release formaldehyde, benzene, etc., especially children. The data again tell you, green, green home is imperative. The United States Su Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou new environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite materials, it is possible to completely solve the problems of the health of the home improvement environmental safety issues.

The company's production of "wood-plastic composite materials," environmentally friendly, recyclable, primarily from wood fiber and polymer materials as the basic, mixed according to a certain proportion of new building materials by molding the material surface like wood glue, paint, coating, sawing, nailing, planing and other processing, and can be comparable to the thermoplastic molding process, the flexibility to play plasticity and plastic timber, make up the timber easy to aging, not cold, it may be hot and difficult post-processing and other shortcomings, at the same time also solved the problem of plastic, wood waste resources recycling industry, but also has a light weight material, rigidity, acid and alkali-resistant waterproof, pest control, fire-retardant, meanwhile, does not contain formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances and other characteristics of the resource the field of sustainable development occupy an increasingly important position, and therefore very popular.

In the current national and comprehensively promote energy conservation, low carbon economy of the macro situation, will continue to increase production of wood-plastic composite materials research and development of products, so the industry leader, so green, environmentally friendly home improvement products to enter millions of households.

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