decided laminate flooring

decided laminate flooring

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Experts say, whether it is to buy solid wood flooring or laminate flooring, solid wood flooring and laminate flooring to buy not the same know-how, attractive wood plastic composite panels such as selecting laminate flooring mainly to see the bump slot, environmental index and color.

Bump slot bite tightness, decided laminate flooring wear resistance and service life. The most important is the environmental index,masterpiece composite sliding patio door if the floor is not good quality, the release of formaldehyde, the more, can affect human health. At present, the standard of formaldehyde release is the release of 30 milligrams per 100 grams,wholesale interlocking faux stone siding panels the international standard is 8 mg per 100 g release.

The wood floor in addition to see the appearance of quality such as surface paint is plump uniform, there is no decay, defects dead knots, worm holes, cracks, etc., but also must pay attention to its intrinsic quality, the distributor would like to ask for the floor of the test report. Of course, for outsiders, these issues are not a look to understandfree swimming pool deck plans , so experts recommend consumers the safest choice is to buy well-known brands of quality products, do not buy cheaper flooring problem, not only lost money, but also injury to health.
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