Solid wood flooring prices rise

Solid wood flooring prices rise

Postautor: harden » 19 wrz 2016, o 09:06

From the Orient home, three City building materials, etc. informed that the recent solid wood flooring <a href="">wooden fence panels for sale</a> prices climbing higher and higher. Southeast Asia and South America are affected by the origin of the wood shrinking supply and other factors, the city recently appeared solid wood floor price per square meter 40 yuan -70 per month of gains. Merbau market using more current retail price of 200 yuan per square meter, while the price of this spring is only 145 yuan, Hardwood price per square meter increased from 220 yuan to 300 yuan immediate, <a href="">composite boards for live stock trailer</a> rose more than 30%. It is understood that, with the steel, <a href="">waste bin suppliers uae</a> cement, like wood prices greatly affected by supply and demand. Recent solid wood flooring prices continued to rise, mainly because of the origin of the wood exports were certain restrictions, leading to market needs are not met. Additionally, one of the logistics costs are also solid wood flooring prices reasons. Before this spring, transport costs <a href="">composite decking wholesalers south africa</a> per square meter of solid wood flooring is about $ 4, and now is 6 yuan.
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