outdoor wood decking protection

outdoor wood decking protection

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<p>equivalent to a density of 700 kg / cubic meters of fibreboard, reaching 128 million cubic meters, representing an increase of 250 million cubic meters of timber, can replace a substantial supply of timber resources,exterior decorative cladding panels</p>
<p>reduce consumption of forest resources, protect the ecological environment. Accordance with the "Guiding Catalogue of Industrial Structure Adjustment" (in 2007), this project is a first class encouraged, deep processing of agricultural and forestry 53. small fuelwood, desert shrubs and three residues and product development,composite rocking chairs outdoor</p>
<p>belong to the state support development projects is an effective way of recycling waste wood and bamboo processing enterprises in the situation of Zhejiang "seven mountains two water a minute of cropland" the rich forest resources, existing forest area of 6,644,600 hectares, of which: forest area of 5,935,500 hectares , woodland area of 33,100 hectares,exterior handrail for steps</p>
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