Luxurious wood floor finish

Luxurious wood floor finish

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Yang said he bought the paint, wallpaper, keel, floor, gypsum roof, siding, works fine wood, best composite decking planter boxes MDF and other building materials, have factory certification, and the content of harmful substances in each of the building materials are also standard experts within the scope why ultimately there will be contamination City interior quality inspection stations explained that the problem lies in the luxurious decoration. Any decorative materials can not be unlimited use, excessive amount of pollution it will be "enlarged", a case of "1 + 1 is greater than 2". Thus, best flooring for terraces thailand the waste of the floor renovation costs, indoor air quality is difficult to be guaranteed. Decorating floor home decorating company misled the owners of waste is also a decoration in some irresponsible companies. Some company owners designers misleading the blind pursuit of luxury, to make the design work would be a pile of flooring materials and equipment, such as "stars", "multiple ceiling" and so on; others are behind the construction process, so the raw materials can not be reasonable "CD sets" sporadic waste add up the floor material, the material loss accounted for an average of 5% -8% of total renovation. eco friendly fence panels All these make home decorating waste rise. Rational selection of two vice president of saving into the city Decoration Industry Association, said Huang, decorator whether conservation awareness has a direct impact on the cost of decorating. For example, the price is not high, but is recommended to use high quality environmentally friendly flooring, recommended in the electrical configuration of intelligent energy-saving products, as much as possible to avoid unnecessary lighting facilities, to guide the use of water-saving toilet, faucet sensors, thermostats and other energy facilities, with shortcut line arrangement, water pipes insulation layer. Practice opinion, a modular floor design is the development direction. In Shanghai, a decorated floor's approach, wood slat replacements for outdoor bench for example, the owners simply selected from the module favorite living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and other modules, designers can instantly be freely combined and integrated color, texture, soft furnishings, etc. link, unified whole style, reduce design costs.
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