bamboo processing industry

bamboo processing industry

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<p>bamboo forest area of 819,300 hectares. Where wood and bamboo production and processing of bamboo production waste so far, only a small part is utilized, most are discarded, resulting in a large number of resources are wasted, but also on the environment caused some impact. Therefore,blue board bathroom</p>
<p>the development of waste to recycling wood and bamboo processing industry in Zhejiang is the solution to the waste problem effective way. is the need to address the problem of plastic waste in our country is the main way of plastic products producing country,no fault pool decking</p>
<p>each year about 2.5 million tons of waste plastics need to be addressed. The raw materials used in the project are mainly of recycled plastic and wood fiber waste (including straw, sawdust, wood sticks fork, etc.). Plans to develop products for environmentally friendly wood products,how to clean composite wood funiture</p>
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