CNC automatic bar cutting line

CNC automatic bar cutting line

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Guangzhou Construction Company since August this year in cooperation with Kangzhen using SKZ Kangzhen CNC bending steel hoop machine and SZK Kangzhen CNC steel bending center, the user experience is very good, to bring customers tangible benefits, in December this year Kang Zhen together again, will SKZ Kangzhen CNC bar cutting line KZQ150 application site.

SKZ Kangzhen CNC bar shear line is a major KZQ50 for large diameter, high-strength steel rod cutting equipment, steel bars can be as needed, automatically cut to the desired length, and under good material bar fully automatic integrated machine classification storage. This machine is widely used in construction, highways, etc., applicable to a variety of different lengths of steel cutting work, for specifications, quantities of small steel cutting work more applicable. The machine reduce the auxiliary labor, so that processing of the product length standard, accurate size, high efficiency, the company is an independent research and development of high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights, domestic initiative, easy to install, easy to use.

In short, we seek to diversify designed to meet the needs of users, simple and effective, in order to reduce costs and pursue the best value for money in order to bring tangible efficiency and profitability.

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