Floor coverings Three Considerations

Floor coverings Three Considerations

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Home improvement process, is tight between the different construction of the main downstream relationship, the quality of construction after establishing a link on the front part of a quality assurance. For example, the floor of the pavement to the late works, if the decoration team did not provide a good ground conditions, it is inevitable that quality problems. Insiders own experiences, detailing the specific practices of the company to prevent construction workers construction risk.

Note 1: Before wooden floor pavement construction, problems that need attention include: the ground was dry, not damp; flooring installation within the first ten days, watering is prohibited on the ground; after the cement mortar leveling the ground, at 30 days after the installation of ventilation floor.

Note 2: floor service personnel should conduct on-site surveys in 7 days prior to floor construction, in addition to checking the flatness of the ground, the construction of the wall that day, whether Mentao paint dry outside, water, circuit lines, walls and floor structure etc. are surveying targets. Yuan Yide general manager, said: ""We ask the ground per meter height difference of no more than 3mm addition, skirting height, ground clearance between the door and set aside other details have strict requirements for indicators because the whole room does not have a clear structure. understand the rush to construction, the overall renovation, is a recipe for disaster. ""

Note 3: A good flooring suppliers should be in different environments to provide targeted ""floor comprehensive solution provider"" for the user. Housing orientation, structure, and consumer demand and personal aesthetic preference for the use of housing, will affect the installation of wooden flooring. Thus, from the sales staff, construction personnel to inspection and other quality control personnel, should provide expert service in every aspect of the formula.

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