Cohabitation flooring market teak flooring how to pick?

Cohabitation flooring market teak flooring how to pick?

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<p>Teak trees are valuable, very rare material. The ground floor teak wood trim in high-end decorating material belongs, and teak flooring with moisture-proof, anti-termite, excellent stability characteristics, the floor is the best. Time on the market quite a mixed bag to remind consumers to buy teak flooring knowledge is essential. First, purchase skills teak flooring, teak wood itself is rather special, Indonesia, Myanmar timber strengths. </p>

<p>Indonesian teak on the strength and toughness of the more obvious, but poor elasticity and contractility; Burmese teak in the above aspects are relatively good, used &quot;Mandalay&quot; produced timber is best. The quality of the merits of teak flooring, you can make a differential from the following aspects. Since both grain, color, and even wood density are very similar, really makes it difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the moment. In fact, consumers in the purchase of teak flooring can identify the authenticity of. Although black core magnolia and teak similar in appearance and density, but because of the different materials, there is a big difference between the two.</p>

<p> In prime unpainted board, for example, the following simple identification method: a look: smooth level surface observation floor, teak floor surface is very smooth, very delicate touch, as if soaked in oil, and it appears black core yuyuanensis more rough. At two news: one kind of teak itself exudes sour smell similar to rancid after a meal, but no such smell magnolia black core. Three drops: drops from the water absorbent to points two drops of water on the fake teak flooring, water is quickly absorbed, but no drop in real teak flooring paint at four pinch points from sawdust true teak flooring sawdust heavy oil have quality, soft honking feeling when Yong Shounie, while the fake teak flooring sawdust dry and loose.</p>
<p>Teak flooring water slowly, almost no water. Teak flooring on the optional four-point technique, small series introduced here. Our wood flooring is an important home decoration, home life of our far-reaching, so if you want to choose teak flooring, you have to learn before you purchase the optional teak floors of the relevant knowledge.</p>

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