How to choose the specifications of solid wood flooring?

How to choose the specifications of solid wood flooring?

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Wood flooring home improvement process is a crucial step, different flooring materials due to the different techniques, different size specifications of the floor. For those who prefer solid wood floor are decorated with the owners, Solid wood flooring specifications and dimensions also need to know. Solid wood flooring is to use wood processing directly from the floor. Rather than what glued multilayer, Corrosion resistant waterproof outdoor floor three-wood. But a single body logs. It is one of the materials most commonly used for flooring decoration. Pristine, natural and noble, you can create the best affinity with people and elegant room environment, good elasticity, comfortable, cool, can adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, themselves do not emit harmful gases, is the real green home improvement materials.
How to choose solid wood flooring specifications and dimensions? First, the choice for large-sized solid wood flooring, we all know, a great big wood flooring specification limits reflect the wood's natural texture and color, appearance of the atmosphere, pavement seams less time texture stretch naturally,High-quality outdoor wall panel more suitable for large size rooms pavement. The use of large-sized floor capable of sufficiently distinguished atmosphere. Second, the small size of solid wood flooring choices: small size wood flooring price is relatively low, the floor of the same species, the small size of the difference between the two or three hundred per square meter.
If less floor coverings area. Especially single bedroom, choose a small size is relatively affordable. However, the choice of the small size of the floor to pay special attention to the fact that in the keel should be installed before selecting the floor, so that the keel laying of the pitch corresponding to the specifications of the floor to avoid the election can not be satisfied on the floor, can also be eliminated in holes and a layer of plywood on the keel,Beautiful and Eco-friendly wpc decking per square meter can save nearly thirty dollars. Solid wood flooring size selective attention, ability to relate to the size of the floor floor resistance to deformation, and other conditions are the same smaller-sized floor more easily deformed, and therefore the size of the floor should be short not long, should not narrow width. In addition the size of the floor and also relates to the price of the room size, the higher the large size of the floor price.
The small size of the room is also suitable for large-sized shop floor. Some manufacturers in order to facilitate the production of solid wood flooring, as well as cater to the fashion trends of consumers, it has introduced a long, wide solid wood flooring. This floor seemingly luxurious style, Shubu know is a natural product because too much length and width, quality control is more difficult, especially the seasons change, moisture content, shrinkage wet up,Easy to install balcony flooring so after a period of use, prone deformation. Summary: The stylish and elegant wood floors, attracted the attention of consumers, and in our time buy solid wood flooring is not blindly purchasing, but to look at the specifications and dimensions of solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring or how about quality so these considerations, we will not buy inferior goods, merchandise or inappropriate.
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