Solid Wood Flooring

Solid Wood Flooring

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Solid wood flooring is now gradually replace the tiles, a new generation of popular decoration materials, floor tiles that do not want to slide, but also more dirt, more environmentally friendly. Now the market there are still many brands of floor, wood floors are most popular, followed by a brief look.

Wood floors are natural wood are dried, processed form of surface decoration materials with natural, soft day, rich affinity texture, cool, bedroom, living room, study, etc. ideal material for floor decoration. Vigorously promoting environmental protection today, the wood floor is even more precious. So now many people would choose to decorate the house when the wood floor.

Solid wood flooring has been focused on the wooden floor, research and development production and sales of electrostatic aerial industry services. Over the years, the progressive development of solid wood flooring famous for the local real estate developers, construction companies, decoration company's much concern and one of the preferred engineering provider partner to reach a long-term partnership with a number of well-known real estate developers, construction companies, decoration company. Wooden floor, raised floor product technology development, engineering, supply and after-sales service, always leading counterparts. One of the core advantages of long-term ownership of forest resources, including investment in Myanmar, Brazil, South America, large areas of high quality forest and build a number of large local wood processing base, the supply of resources to support the formation of natural precious wood forest origin of self-sufficiency, thereby in the industrial chain of the most critical aspects of the market to seize the high ground.

Solid wood flooring taken from natural wood, no radiation, does not contain formaldehyde, which rings texture tend to give a return to nature, the feeling of getting back to basics, regardless of texture and beauty are unique. After laying a good solid wood flooring has good flexibility, people walk on both temperature, touch, foot feeling very soft and comfortable, cool, especially in the cold winter, the activities of people in the household will not feel stiff foot.

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