1.5 stars 8.5 Floor installation

1.5 stars 8.5 Floor installation

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In the flooring industry, there is a saying called "3 of 5 product, 7 minutes to install." <a href="http://chooseoutdoordeck.com/eco-product/4520.html">curved outdoor bench with sale</a> The China Timber Circulation Association and vice president Gao Zhihua this sentence be changed to "floor 1.5 points, 8.5 installation." Thus, not all is well buying floor, more importantly, after installation. Whether manufacturers responsible for the installation? Whom better to install? how to install? What are the charges? After installation there is a problem how to do? A series of problems have cropped up. According to the Association survey wood floor, wood floors complaints disputes reason, only 20% of the wood itself, the quality problems, more than 40 percent of disputes arising in the process of laying. <a href="http://chooseoutdoordeck.com/eco-product/2650.html">prefab redwood fence panels for sale thailand</a> Faced with floor installation problems, most people do not know how to deal with, will often be the construction team or factory maintenance personnel cheat in the past. Therefore, understanding the knowledge necessary to install the floor, before the renovation is essential lesson. 1. Recommendations of the independent voice of the <a href="http://chooseoutdoordeck.com/eco-product/914.html">synthetic teak flooring boat flooring</a> baseboard and buckle Price (China Timber Circulation Association and vice president) in all floor problems, complaints baseboard more. Largely because domestic baseboard itself, the quality varies greatly, prices vary widely, so if you use the "all-inclusive price" to a band before, is likely to have a problem taking advantage <a href="http://chooseoutdoordeck.com/eco-product/1768.html">price for external decking india</a> of the baseboard. It recommended that the floor price, the baseboard and buckle independence away, this way, consumers can make the buying process more transparent. It will also become a trend wood flooring.
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