Construction Road construction Environmental Improvement

Construction Road construction Environmental Improvement

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Change "shed" as the "factory", the construction environment is not the whole messy transition to intensive civilization. Before the implementation of standardized, decentralized mixing concrete, steel scattered processing station construction, equipment investment shabby mess, site construction site more scattered. After carry out construction standardization activities, most of the work by the outdoor venue shift operation, intensive production processes most complete, most seamless production processes, minimizing intermediate operation, the production environment and greatly improved the level of civilization construction, site appearance a new look.

The construction site from the "site" into a "factory", workers quarters from the "shed" into a "standard room" material deposited by the color of the cloth covering has become a "warehouse store", concrete, asphalt, steel production to achieve "factory "and construction operations to achieve" water "and to create a clean, civilized and harmonious construction of built environments.

Change "migrant workers" to "industrial workers", the labor-intensive construction of the building to the mechanization and automation of change. Standardized training by conducting construction, front-line workers in the past is no longer a hoe down on the bridge of migrant workers, but industrial workers with specialized skills.

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