ecological wood floors

ecological wood floors

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Reporter: Although solid wood flooring, engineered flooring, laminate flooring in the whole market has three pillars, occupied stable market share for many years, but as a new phenomenon - the development of ecological wood floors can be quite fast, scratch resistant wood deck capsyou think ecological wood floor will gradually replace three ? Or substituted one possible? Wen Lihua: Replace yet does not appear.

Emergence of a new thing, we must first have a strong vitality will have a future. It is also bound to the old things a certain impact, but instead of a large area in a short time will not be the case. On the one hand, solid wood flooring, wood flooring, fire prevention teak deck laminate flooring on the market for many years, each have their own advantages, the consumer what they want, so many years formed a habit of consumption.

The real epidemic is not in mixed wood plastic decking a hurry to walk in the living area of ??the impetuous, but after things after Dongche mystery precision. After a long time precipitation, already accumulated numerous multicultural wave of trials and bedding.
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