Good soundproof outdoor eco decking

Good soundproof outdoor eco decking

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With the speeding up of city construction, the life is also very serious noise pollution, noise can seriously affect people's normal life.So, everybody in domestic outfit choice, the choice of sound-absorbing material is more and more attention, many people will choice sound-absorbing effect better glass, as well as some cotton sound-absorbing material.With the rapid development of the ecological wood market, cheap wood decking boards, ecological wood sound-absorbing board technology is gradually mature, Rio posen ecological wood sound-absorbing board not only can rise the good adornment effect Fruit, also can absorb up to 30% of the noise effectively.Rio tinto posen department give you a brief introduction of ecological wood sound-absorbing panels sound-absorbing principle:We all know that sound is spread by media, when after different medium, the propagation of sound speed slows down, it will also reduce.

Ecological wood sound-absorbing board is processed according to the acoustics principle, by the veneer of core material and sound-absorbing mat.Through the picture we can see that the ecological wood sound-absorbing board inside there are a lot of holes, ecological wood sound-absorbing board has the characteristics of porous, loose and breathable.Ecological wood sound-absorbing board, composite deck stairs non slip, is through the material inside the small gap will be sound waves along the deep into the pore, and the friction material is converted into heat energy, at the same time, ecological wood sound-absorbing board covered with a layer of flexible behind sound-absorbing mat, can effectively prevent sound reflection.

So as to achieve the effect of sound absorption., of course, in practice, ecological wood sound-absorbing board behind should have enough spoke, that is, the general should set aside a bit of space, can make the sound and effective.In general, if installed correctly, compare hardness of wood floors, Rio posen ecological wood sound-absorbing board can absorb up to 30% of the noise effectively, therefore has been widely used in household, television, cinema, opera house, concert hall, conference center, gym, acoustics room, shopping malls, hotels, karaoke bars, restaurants and subway stations and other places.
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