Floor tape to avoid contamination

Floor tape to avoid contamination

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No problem locking rubber flooring rubber floor coverings to avoid contamination installation without glue using the lock installation way the last two years before the rise. At first, the primary reason we are willing to accept this way is easy to install, can be described as "hit it off" --- snapped, two floors will buckle into the seamless whole. cheap price wood floor from china Compared with traditional manual paving, lock installation also avoid floor joints width, height and other differences. Most importantly, this installation to avoid contamination of floor tape, clean indoor air, which has been stressed that "environmental issues" in the home improvement industry is particularly critical. Lock installation are currently widely used internationally. Interview, many flooring manufacturers said their production floor has been largely achieved without gelling. But there are still some companies said that although the lock installed has some advantages, but because of the quality of domestic flooring mainly the gap is too large, the accuracy is not enough, it is difficult to achieve smooth, making a variety of reasons not fully latch installation without glue achieve. high density panels Most baseboard skirting the issue "package" fee charged baseboard three ways to buy a wooden floor, you would have to buy matching baseboard, buckle and other accessories. Currently on the market, the cost of materials this seemingly insignificant charges there are 3 ways: First, the "all-inclusive price", that is, baseboard, and even buckle and other costs should install a "package get"; Second Floor Price accessories price list count, but the manufacturer or distributor responsible for the free installation; another kind, not only baseboard and buckle should be charged, even the installation also add money. Most all-inclusive price of the main hold back interviewed Robin, butterflies, Germany Krono, Fillinger and other brands, building easy installation wood plastic floor for balcony found that most manufacturers are implementing "inclusive price", that is to strengthen the offer and parquet flooring, the inclusive costs associated with installation fees, baseboards, buckle, floor mats and transportation. Many manufacturers said, "all-inclusive price" exists primarily to cater to northern consumers, "FIG worry" mentality, similar to the concept of "one-stop" service. However, many brands in the promotion of "inclusive price", but also most of the "left" of the hand. Such as Robin, the low cost of laminate flooring firmly to the "all-inclusive price," the mass line, gray composite fencing panels and the parquet was the implementation of "half a pack." Also part of the brand is the implementation and installation, transportation, free glues and floor mats, while the baseboard and buckle will have a separate charge. Skirting the national standard is necessary in the interview that the emergence of various problems in the sales and installation process, and the State has not yet introduced any quality standards or industry regulations regarding baseboard related. Gao Zhihua said that with the flooring industry standardization, development of all kinds of flooring materials national standards is necessary.
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