Laminate flooring installation specification

Laminate flooring installation specification

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Grass-roots should be smooth, firm, dry, clean, non-polluting, strength meet the design requirements. Bungalow ground floor in the building or floor coverings to be done to deal with moisture. Extend the life of the floor.

Laminate floor coverings, the room temperature should be in compliance with the product specification requirements. The following should be paved floor moisture skids, smooth pavement, the joints can not be stacked, and secured with tape. Install the first row of floor should recess facing the wall, leaving a gap of about 10mm between the floor and the wall. Room length or width exceeds 8m expansion joints need to set up, install flat layering. Wooden skirting board with a 45-degree bevel tight bond, H, a uniform wall thickness, fixed nail cap is not exposed. Flat surface, color, coordinated wood, clean and free of glue marks.

After the installation is complete, carefully applied in accordance with the direction of the wood grain of the floor, do not leak coated or uneven thickness, it is the key to maintaining uniform thickness waxing. Finally polishing, so that the floor will look more bright.

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