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w jaki sposób uczycie nowych słów, uczycie dokonywania kategoryzacji ?
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Re: kategoryzacje

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l website in accordance with the 'Tort Liability Act' Article 15 and 'Trademark Law' Article 63, to stop infringement, apology and compensation for losses. And if the consumer to buy a fake product, Han Xiao said that consumers can not claim Shiseido to UGG Guantes rosado bear the liability, should be counterfeit products sellers claim infringement. According to the 'Consumer Rights Protection Law' Article 44 provides that consumers through the network trading platform to buy goods or receive services, their legitimate rights and interests are damaged, you can claim compensation to the seller or the service. Internet trading platform providers can not provide the seller or the real name of the service provider, address and effective contact with the way, consumers can also provide compensation to the network trading platform providers. 'Moreover, the law also provides: the network trading platform providers knowingly or should know that the seller or service providers to use their platform against the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, did not take the necessary measures, according to the seller and the service agent to bear joint and several liability.Therefore, Consumers may require the network platform and the seller to bear joint and several liability. 'In addition, Han Xiao said that the fake official website is Shiseido in the name of external activities, there is fraud piumini moncler outlet in the consumer, according to the' Consumer Protection Law 'fifty-five , The operator shall provide the goods or services to provide fraud, shall be in accordance with the requirements of consumers to increase the compensation for its losses, increase the amount of compensation for the purchase price of goods or services to accept the cost of three times; The amount of canada goose outlet less than five hundred dollars, five hundred dollars. If the law otherwise provides, in accordance with its provisions. Consumers may, in accordance with the provisions of Article 55, be liable for liability.Survey said that the Chinese men is Zapatos Nike Shox the main online shopping nearly Jiucheng beauty beauty fashion Reported that the Hong Kong media said the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) recently issued a report that China is currently the world's fastest growing consumer market, which male consumers every year in online shopping expenses have been higher than women. By 2021, the size of China's consumer market will reach Nike Free 7.0 6.1 trillion US dollars. According to the Hong Kong 'Oriental Daily' reported on June 30, the company published the 'new trends in China's consumption,' reported that China's consumer market to an average annual rate of growth, ranking the highest in the world. By 2021, China's consumption growth will reach 1.8 trillion US dollars. The report said that in recent years China has emerged 'urban trend men' and 'active silver-haired old' consumer groups. Whether it is 'online' (online shopping) or 'offline' (physical store consumption), China's male consumers are increasing. Male consumers each year in the 'online' expenditure has been higher than women, about 10,000 yuan. According to the report, 73% of the first-tier cities of male consumers believe that personal instruments for job and dating is very important; 88% of Timberland Roma Negozio the first-tier cities male consumers will view the beauty fashion information; and 83% of the first-tier cities 18 to 35- Use Nike Air Max Shoes skin care products is necessary. This year all Zapatos Under Armour Curry 3 the mobile phone manufacturers, I am afraid that Apple's pressure is the biggest, in the screen under the fingerprint industry chain has just started, if they hard on this function, it is tantamount to rely on their own strength to promote the development of the entire industry chain, and Samsung, Mobile phone manufacturers will benefit from this. IPhone 8 shape we have heard a lot, a comprehensive screen, remove the Home button, double glass + metal frame design. Now, Martin Hajek finally shot, for us to bring the iPhone 8 the most clear rendering outline. It should be noted that, before Martin Hajek Apple did not release the iPhone 5S, 6,6S, are accurately sent out the shape of the new machine, so the credibility is still very high. From this group of black and white iPhone 8 outline to see its shape and the current exposure of the spy photos exactly the same, and a comprehensive screen, the glass body looks quite feel, compared to the white body of the elegant, black version of the texture more Strong some. The new iPhone on the design of some unique, that is, the top of the screen a row of sensors, not on the bottom of the screen, which is the current supply chain can not reach. Do not know these two colors, which do you prefer?Share a bike and die a founder said no longer optimistic about it [Abstract] As early as mid-May, that is, 3Vbike just on-line operation for 3 months, 3Vbike has been in the edge Nike Scarpe online of the collapse. Another shared bicycle platform died. From the last one off the Goku bike (June 13), time only lasted for 8 days. June 21, sharing the bike platform 3Vbike announced that due to a large number of bicycles were stolen, from now on to stop operation. And remind users who do not have a r
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