How to choose composite wood floor

How to choose composite wood floor

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Composite wood floor a lot of technical performance, in general the main consideration when selecting the following three factors: the number of wear-resistant, formaldehyde content and thickness swelling. Knowledge will be easier to understand the purchase option on the wooden floor.

Wear revolution is an important indicator of composite wood floor. Objectively speaking, the higher the number of revolutions wear, service life should be longer, but the level of wear revolution is not the only measure of the useful life of the floor.

Formaldehyde content is not an indicator of great importance to consumers, so many consumers pungent odor that plagued After construction, it is due to this phenomenon excessive levels of formaldehyde. In accordance with European standards, the formaldehyde content per 100 grams of the floor can not be more than 9 mm, otherwise unqualified, so this indicator is a key indicator related to our chosen product is harmful to the body.

Thickness swelling index less than 3% considered acceptable, otherwise the floor in the face of high moisture or humidity, or the floor in the face of high moisture or humidity, together with the circumstances at the time of assembly at the periphery Mifengbuyan It occurs musters, deformation phenomena, affecting the normal use.

Such as wood floor surface wear revolution flaunt 30,000 -50,000 rpm. In fact, the number of wear-resistant composite wood floor is only an indicator of the number of revolutions can only show high wear-resistant layer of aluminum oxide content and more, however, other physical properties of wood flooring may not be qualified, such as stain resistance, impact resistance, chemical resistance, comfort and so on. Usually wear revolution reaches 6,000 rpm has been fully able to meet the needs of consumers.

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