Hot asphalt pavement recycling equipment

Hot asphalt pavement recycling equipment

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Hot Asphalt Pavement Recycling Technology is a modern asphalt pavement asphalt pavement repair an economical continuous maintenance technology, is the old asphalt pavement surface after heating, scarifying, and a certain percentage of the incorporation of new aggregates, new asphalt, now students like, by Hunban, paving, rolling processes, a technique to achieve a one-time surfacing within a certain depth range (generally not more than 60mm) old asphalt concrete pavement regeneration.Seven Trust Composite Floor Manufacturer - WPC green floor

It can handle asphalt pavement pothole, rut, obstruct package, crack, crack Net, large cracks, seams framing paving two other local diseases. Such as subsidence, bridge jumping, pockmarked face, skin diseases and aging asphalt pavement, asphalt pavement and preventive maintenanceBest Road Maintenance Machinery - Doan Machinery

Process principles
Thermal regeneration repairing machine with blue thermal radiation heating technology on the road. By heating the bed, high-temperature ceramic wool, indirect heating of the pavement, the asphalt surface temperature timer switch to ensure that does not age, does not scorch the road, can be harrowing heating appropriate time, place recycling additives, Adds into a little new material, after leveling compaction can be opened to traffic.

Process Features
Old pavement material to achieve a 100 percent in-place recycling, to fully achieve the "stone then, bitumen regeneration" saves a lot of raw materials, and do not need to transport waste material and waste material disposal site ready, not only to save transportation costs, but also to avoid the occupation of land, but also to avoid environmental pollution, in line with national environmental protection policies
Time-effective construction safety, the use of local heat regeneration technology, the process is simple, compact process, with fast transitions, faster construction, reduced road maintenance construction to bring traffic interference and influence
Due to the combination of the reproduction layer and the original road surface bearing layer material is thermally bonded, squeeze both embedded as a whole, to avoid the problem of poor bonding between the layers
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