The level of rich art style floor stereoscopic

The level of rich art style floor stereoscopic

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Today, the distance between art and life is getting closer, flooring industry off quietly expressive arts floor. Such as blue and white color glass floor, high temperature thermostat technology, the use of color to break the traditional 'natural color', the use of a transparent cover color method performance red, blue, so that the floor surface has subtle changes in tone, showing a fantastic color, three-dimensional color clear , layering rich. Moreover, each floor like framed artwork looming black framed as four weeks, the overall effect of light and color harmony pavement and UV resistant, not fade.

Golden Eagle Iger floor newly popular hand side knock, knock on the floor side is a 'disruptive' behavior, just like the old top leather needs to be done to show the same nostalgic. Pure hand side knock irregular edges produced, enhanced three-dimensional, wood restore a sense of history, charm rings heavier. And this knock wood handle demanding side, if the floor surface is too thin, after knocking edge easily cause cracking of the floor, thick table plate can also be repeatedly polished renovation process, longer life.

There is also a hand-sliced ​​from the waves feel floors, handmade plate treated as wave form. A section out of the plane trees is based on the texture texture texture different, with carving, engraving, grinding, hot, dyeing process is completed, showing a three-dimensional effect. Fine lines, clear and natural; natural knots, publicity bare; wood color, save intact. I have stepped on your feet feeling soft massage, noisy city, at the foot of impetuous disappear immediately.

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