How to shop floor "winning end," to increase sales

How to shop floor "winning end," to increase sales

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1, store location: the art of war goes: "opportune." The above operation is applied to the terminal stores, store location can be said factor "location" of. For example, select a location and enter a location for wheat straw composite lumber a long time it may need to turn the floor area will be able to find a market first thing you see there is a big difference location, select * or * wall near the middle of the aisle and selection in the sales process to Taiwan its effect will be significantly different. Floor with endless variety of major building materials city the size of each region, showing the way requirements vary. In the end what kind of store location is the more reasonable it? In fact, the basic principle is still there, composite walls for pools and that is the spirit of "convenience, eye-catching, which will help buy" principle. 3, shows a model: a model placed tips: the main push of the floor to put the customer convenient place to see and touch, how to build an outdoor bench against a fence Moldova low-post on the floor to mark a significant explosion posts attract attention, and the other must be marked with the original price, in order to enhance contrast. A principle is to focus, prioritize, different according to the different sales model on display focus. If you have the floor function as much as possible to make a presentation or Purchasing Guide customers operate their own hands, increasing its closeness and acceptance of the product. 4, product leaflets, newspapers or news about the product soft paper show: do not mean promotional materials, the best product for each store visited people distributed promotional materials, as flooring products in terms of, you can to consulting or visit the store who have potential consumer demand, to promote its product model data is a useful supplement. And the newspaper of the company's news or soft article describes, you can enhance consumer awareness of the product and the brand, increase trustworthiness. 5, honorary certificates, medals displayed: "national exemption product certificate", synthetic wood decking "China Environmental Labeling Product Certification", "quality system certification." "Flooring industry production license" and so on, to try to show the location in the store limited out of these is a product quality and reputation, and other effective affirmative, can effectively relieve a consumer brand psychological resistance, shorten the psychological distance. 7, physical display: This may not be possible in some stores. Conditional display capable of stores, a number of packages packaged can be placed on the floor, it is best to use the characters in the above noted "this floor have been sold," and other words, to play a certain amount of publicity, and secondly to give the customer selling products resulting impression, to promote sales.
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