increase productivity wood decking

increase productivity wood decking

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<p>so that it can be produced by kneading apparatus generally difficult to process special polymer materials and highly filled composites tandem disc-screw extruder the main features of the machinepark bench plastic boards</p>
<p>in the feed section with a large diameter screw, enhances the rigidity and strength of the screw, suitable for high power, high torque out; the use of deep grooves, large diameter screw feeder, can greatly increase productivity; multi-disc set repeatedly grinding material, its fragmentation, dispersion, shearing,beaded outdoor deck flooring</p>
<p>mixing, plasticizing performance; with modular structure, shape and combination of disc and the screw element can be varied, wide application; can use tuning disc space, suitable for processing a variety of materials. According to the production process and scale of the project,laminate floor near pool</p>
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