With regard to wood flooring

With regard to wood flooring

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Question 1: humidity design chief designer Wu Jianfeng said, try to avoid the rainy season decoration, ship wood flooring australia because in the rainy season, especially the conduct of paint, flooring, etc., prone to bubbling walls, floors warped things. If the time duration, then the material and process requirements should be higher, the rain can concentrate on doing the job has nothing to do with the wood and paint some construction projects. anticorrosive wood plastic pergola wholesale Strategies: Early only water reform. Recommendation: In the rain refrain paint, tiling. Question 2: The biggest problem is distortion rainy renovated Daixinban itself on the high moisture content in wet rainy season will have to absorb more water, once in the dry season will have serious crack and deformation, which is the largest of the rainy season decoration risks. Solution: Custom finished before construction, take the best Daixinban, tile, flooring and other materials on the site Hanging out, but also the packaging is opened, so that the material in the room there is a process of adaptation, to expand freely, cost to replace a deck with composite so materials indoor moisture content and close, to avoid distortion and warped over time. Recommendation: The easiest way is, to the market to buy the finished products of wood windows and doors sets and heating cover, you can find a professional flooring manufacturers try to use environmentally friendly medium density fiber floor (including windows and doors sets) as the substrate, because its low moisture content, can reduce crack and deformation of wood products. Question 3: long duration minimalist design style as much as possible, the process is simple, do not use too complicated decoration technique. Someone in the decoration, pvc decking for benches like to do some modeling top, partitions, etc., transform more places, so that will certainly increase the workload, it will make the extension of time, and you also spend much renovation costs. Countermeasures: Stylish simplicity.
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