Laminate flooring purchase criteria

Laminate flooring purchase criteria

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Laminate flooring frequent new product to market, nor the launch of a new concept, consumers face a number of brand new products, how to choose cost-effective, meet the needs of home products? In this case, drew the attention of consumers in the purchase of the following items:

First, the emphasis on new product standards

The new products will have the corresponding standard. When consumers buy laminate flooring may require the operator to produce a corresponding standard, and writes standard contract number in the quality inspection departments for the record, in case they dispute.

Second, re-surface effect, but also to re-process

Seemingly the same surface effect due to different materials, different techniques, use of effects and life will be very different. For example, the sampling found that some laminate flooring MOR failed, both the choice of flooring base strong enough reasons, there are also problems workmanship. The same is done antique effect, synchronized embossing can create a variety of antique flooring, in particular, can suppress the characteristics of the surface treatment has the effect of arts and crafts, this process requires relief process products, plate process, the substrate is in a very stable uniform the state, in fact, is the embodiment of comprehensive technical strength.

Third, depending on the area, different places use different specifications Floor

For example, imitation wood laminate flooring appeared to the long side of the V-shaped groove is characterized by wide products, which more than select a single fight design, strong overall sense of style is more unique, more suitable for the villa, a large living room area for the laying of the place, if it is a small area of ​​the bedroom is not coordinated.

Four, one-third of products, seven installation

Recently, floor coverings has issued a new national standard for wood floors, since the product specifications, characteristics of different climate, the manufacturers must be combined with characteristics of their products in accordance with national standards organizations pavement. For example, appeared on the market a combination mosaic of different width of the product, how the product will be different widths regularly arranged to form a room-style characteristics, but also the entire interior of each room to achieve the overall unity of style to some extent, which raised pavement higher requirements.

Fifth, the service can not be ignored

Do not ignore the problem of consumer service, stable, professional, long-term service system is critical to the floor consumption. In contrast, the brand would be more reliable and durable floor service, such as when there is a problem of special specifications of products, brands, spare parts scale enterprises will be more secure.

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