Yunnan Swiss railway construction

Yunnan Swiss railway construction

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Shenzhen Kang Zhen Rui Yunnan Yunnan bring you into a poetic, full of mood where a national minority has the most places, there is a beautiful scenery and ancient folklore, a place where ...... Yunnan, referred cloud (Yunnan) , the provincial capital of Kunming, in southwest China's border, is one of the important cradles of human civilization. Yunnan namely "Caiyunzhinan" "Colorful Yunnan."

Great Swiss railway Description: Big Swiss railway, starting in Dali station, stop at Ruili station, along with a Yangbi station Yongping station, multiple stations at the county level Baoshan Longling station, station Mans, prefecture-level middle-station, a total length of 330 kilometers, the national railway a single line electrified railway, the design speed of 140 km / h.

Great Swiss railway connecting east Queensland (Ming) wide (pass) large (PolyU) old railway line is being built and the intercity railway from Kunming to Dali, north connecting large (Li) Li (Jiang) Hong (Shangri-La) railway south connection Cheung (cloud) Pro (Tsang) P (er) railway, connecting planning to climb the northeast (ramiflorous) large (Li) railway, as well as railway Baoshan to Tengchong, Yunnan Yanbian railway access which, to West railway connection between China and Myanmar Bangladesh and India, is an important part of the Trans-West line, a large Swiss railway by the Yunnan provincial government and the Ministry of railways joint venture, is the second largest investment in Kunming railway railway construction projects in Yunnan, the original project investment The total proposed budget reached 25.73 billion yuan.

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