Autumn and winter dry climate there is floor maintenance tip

Autumn and winter dry climate there is floor maintenance tip

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Wood floor with its comfortable, natural warmth, elegant, and other prominent advantages, become the material of choice for surface decoration. And dried in an increasingly cold weather, Wood Plastic Composite Products we have anti-shrinkage cracking the wood floor on this important issue, and therefore the maintenance of daily life in the wooden floor will be very important. There are various types of floor maintenance tips fall and winter, with a look. A coup: the election process for the solid wood floor surface maintenance agents, wood floors create a warm home life healthy atmosphere, so routine maintenance work in place to be able to better extend the life of the floor.
Such as solid wood flooring, three solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, etc., we must first understand its surface treatment process is a paint treatment or natural oils, then a targeted selection and maintenance agents. Remedy can be prepared. Secondly, again in dealing with the floor surface stubborn stains,Waterproof WPC Pergola clever use of sour milk, add a little vinegar to be decontaminated. This method is very suitable for ordinary families own manual, quick and easy but also very bright polished the floor. Finally, after the cleaned surface stains on the floor but also with the maintenance agent to repair and maintenance, which is the essential part.
Three solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring due to the thick surface layer of wood, you can use a dedicated repair agent to repair. If a larger extent of the damage suggest that you get in touch with flooring business, operated by professionals. Coup two: Do ​​not use water to strengthen the floor, strengthening the floor maintenance of solid wood flooring is relatively simple. Laminate flooring is mainly to keep dry cleaning, do not rinse with plenty of water. First floor with grease and dirt must be promptly removed. You can choose a soft neutral household detergent warm water for processing,High environmental protection courtyard PVC fence together with the special floor cleaning and maintenance agents better. Secondly, we must remember not to use alkaline, soapy water and other corrosive liquid contact with the floor surface, but do not use gasoline and other flammable materials and other high-temperature liquid to wipe the floor.
It is worth mentioning that Never matches and cigarette butts thrown directly on the floor, the floor will look once charred difficult to restore the appearance, and repair is also very troublesome. So in their daily lives to develop good habits and avoid sharp objects to scratch the surface of the floor. Coup three: Beware of excessive "sun" lay hidden.Although eager for a rare autumn and winter sun, but remember the home of the wood floor is not able to accept the long-term exposure. Especially in the dry season, wood long exposure to sunlight, the situation tends to be dull and cracking occur. Therefore, Anticorrosive Outdoor Wall Panel to distinguish which areas of the home sunlight for the longest time, and then when the curtains in strong sunshine, as do the floor, "sun" Work can extend its life. (Text in the picture from the network)
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