Each square on the floor

Each square on the floor

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First floor is a semi-fitted to the house only to him, and he became a model, but there is no perfect thing in the world, there are a good floor line "third floor, seven installation," saying, but distribution providers, how to ensure that customers install the floor, where a large part even to tell you that your luck, even at the installation site with a floor installation floor master high and low levels, the ability to have the size, if your luck good experience a responsible thing for meticulous master, you can rest assured, but if it does not feel lucky, you can only rely on their own, Chairman Mao said: "everything seriously afraid of the word" some students complain that their home floor at the forum is not installed, in fact, there are some reasons to believe that promise too and install the factory worker level, if at the time of installation, a little more attention to yourself, to see where there is not satisfied to put forward, soon to master change, perhaps he is some trouble, but better than at the time did not say, and afterwards complained also strong, villa balcony rails in uk even if the master impatient, did not see only when strict requirements for their own future, to reduce a lot of trouble. Perhaps some students to ask, "What do you go," I'm sorry, the crash also do business that way! ! ! ! In season, all businesses may day to install the floor is two, three, can not crash at the scene to help you hold the whole, but we can think about, their house is their own or someone else looked too small some of these looked too small . Talking about the after-sales service, we may think to buy things in China, in addition to "Haier" is not that a good after-sales service brand for this work on the floor, even a business, but in other places, even with everyone else, is an ordinary consumer, but also often for even a bad thing not to give manufacturers and service commitments grouchy own home, but even when this line to do the floor, even before we know how to do after-sales service difficult thing ,, students also can regard him as one of their own is js excuse. General flooring installation workers who are who installed the service, but it is easy to make but hard to say, because at first the workers, no workers willing to repair, 145x30mm waterproof wpc decking to install the floor 1 4 per square labor costs, installation 40 If one day's square floor, workers will be able to get 160 yuan wages, but repair a only 20 yuan, if it is you, you are willing to install the floor or are willing to repair the floor, so the workers service generally after a day's work PPD drop resolve maintenance problem, if not on the way, they are more reluctant to run, but all students know renovated workers' father is "the truth, as a distributor, do not have a few good workers is not enough, on this issue, crash headache for a long time, but could not get a good total solution for workers, repair floor as tasteless, to businesses, customer complaints can not be ignored, thus creating the need to call a customer Why maintenance, often have to wait a long time to solve the phenomenon. In the second part of the question on customers, crash to admit that most of the clients is more reason, pvc fence manufacturer europe and easy to talk to, but there are some customers are not so cooperative, as consumers, of course, their mood is understandable, but there are also problems arising because of improper use, for example, the water flooded the floor at home bubble, or sharp objects on the floor the aluminum oxide wear layer knocked, this is the need to spend money to solve problem, but often it becomes a matter of passing the buck, but some customers prefer to arrange their own time, with the crash requirements, most affordable fence material if not agreed immediately furious, and so on, so customers encountered nothing with it! The second is the issue of competition. Soon, the store became Wuwei market crash and the best business a shop, but even also found a strange phenomenon, when even on the same floor to explain the knowledge of the customer, the market is always standing in the doorway to listen to other merchants even to speak, Rangou feel uncomfortable for a long time, but even do nothing, then even an analogy to explain to customers s flooring good wear resistance, wear-resistant aluminum oxide wear layer number of revolutions when the problem with a very simple way, with the key head on the floor plan, if metal scratches send a clear voice, and will not leave marks on the floor, shows wear revolution reached home standards, if hard floor scraping fall is small transparent powder, it must be done using aluminum oxide wear layer of the floor, instead of Melamine (trichlorosilane amines), this floor is safe to use, this method is actually also even from someone else steal the division, but in Wuwei market can be regarded as exclusive cheats, but soon all stores shopping guide have learned this approach.
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