Knowledge about flooring

Knowledge about flooring

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I contacted the customer, there are a lot more than my knowledge of flooring are rich, <a href="">recyclable balcony decor</a> I really can not put the old clothes to wear clothing with new tricks, but here is the problem we want to talk about later mentality floor. As home decoration, the floor is undoubtedly one of the larger expenses, and now the vast majority of consumers still choose to buy their own floor, because of better cost control, but we ignore a problem, "a sub-price goods," This is a as well as commercial products in the eternal truth, the more expensive the better things of course, the more expensive things, of course the more quality, I hope we must admit it, do not buy things because of your psychological is not comfortable in the matter under the premise of good value, you pay with what you get is directly proportional to, for example, he said that the EU Code of 2008 yuan a square on the floor is the most favorable evidence. But for the average consumer, the most that should be considered, but the most correct view is that the consumer how to buy the most suited to their spending power and high quality products, and do not be fooled, do not be deceived, this is of concern to everyone, <a href="">attractive wpc panels suppliers</a> if on the optional floor at this level, even that we note the following (1) to count your money, you in the end going to spend much money to buy flooring, laminate flooring price difference is quite large, but even that, or well-known brand manufacturers genuine price at 80 yuan square around the floor, should be preferred, because the floor is almost the price of a mainstream brand flooring series, less than the price of the floor, even with a brand, do not believe it is for events, promotion, certainly below standard in a way, or just hit the technical indicators paint side of the ball, say ** floor 68 yuan square Rih series, is flat buckle, <a href="">plastic ranch fence panel</a> even once made s flooring 69 yuan / warm series, the base density level is slightly worse, but he can not be in the home, even believe the same with a 7-8 years is no problem, that depends on your own how to measure up. Second, do not blindly pursue technical indicators even for many of its customers technical indicators request almost harsh, I also read a lot of posts, as do academic research in the same superstition wear revolution, formaldehyde content, <a href="">where to buy wood for park bench</a> deformation coefficient, static varicose strength, a very European E standards, etc., are seen even dazzling, not to mention the ordinary consumers do not understand the line, as if writing papers as indeed higher technical indicators, the better the quality of the floor, but you know that flooring manufacturers technical indicators You come from it? Data inspection report is false, as long as any of a typed copy shop to all things that can be made is not superstitious, or buy it as brand floor! Even with all the students have to buy the floor to say, relatively speaking quality and after-sales is still relatively secure. Third, the same quality than price, the same price than quality.
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