Development of high-density fiber floor

Development of high-density fiber floor

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HDF laminated wood flooring is mainly used for the substrate, and therefore must have excellent processing performance. Typically HDF MDF density than ordinary high 100-150kg / m3, the amount of resin was 16% (MDF 13%), so high strength, low thickness swelling, <a href="">buy composite interior door</a> which are used as flooring base necessary for products the service life will be longer. But performance is not the higher the better, high bonding strength and sheet surface density of more than 1100kg / m3, the problem is easy to produce stickers and Milling processes. As the board is too hard, the sticker and affect the quality of veneer with resin and water can not enter the plate, in the processing of strip flooring, panels and surface layer easily rupture. In the production floor with HDF needed to veneer and milling type and other factors into account, a higher moisture content when posted veneer or HDF substrate for hard plastic veneer of melamine should dip stick than Pu paper. <a href="">strength in relation to composite board</a> Currently HDF resin mainly UF and MUF, depending on the plate thickness swelling demand. As for the thickness of the plate expansion requirements are not very high, pure UF resin or melamine resin can be modified to meet the production requirements; <a href="">stockade fencing price per square foot</a> thickness swelling performance requirements is relatively higher, the more the amount of melamine, HDF and flooring strips production costs are higher. HDF in recent years has been the focus of research and development is no longer confined to the adhesive side, but extended to the various factors that affect the quality of HDF comprehensive study, <a href="">close board fence supplier</a> and the right combination and control these factors. In the production of HDF, we must take into account the way the final sheet. Therefore, all production process parameters and product specifications and shall be adjusted accordingly about its use. Such as hot pressing process and quality of HDF laminated flooring production of crucial importance, the latest continuous production of sheet metal press homogeneous, stable performance, low sanding capacity and consistent cross-sectional density of the entire board, so the quality of the plate more than laminating machine and good old-fashioned continuous press production.
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