Automatic CNC steel equipment

Automatic CNC steel equipment

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In the field of road construction, steel processing often manual processing, with the use of some degree of automation is not high, the lack of precision, inefficient simple steel processing equipment, its manufacturing processes cumbersome, straightening of steel, bending, cutting step can not be a completion of each step required to provide full-time personnel and small equipment for the processing step, resulting in a great waste of human and material resources.

Great Swiss railways put into use automatic CNC equipment is reinforced by programming style, Wisdom control technology, a change in the current manual mode of operation, has a small footprint, low cost, simple operation, the controller intelligence and other characteristics, production process by the staff according to their practical needs adjustment, complete a variety of steel molding, low energy consumption, fast processing steel, it is 5-10 times of manual processing.

CNC automatic steel processing equipment, steel processing optimization of traditional processes, reduce labor intensity, so as to achieve "to promote efficiency, quality of security," the development goals.

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