create a flooring business

create a flooring business

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The Temple of replacement of the floor, causing the flooring industry's attention, and even some companies as a pretext to start a floor "space marketing." fiber decking per square foot An industry floor infer that this Temple to replace the floor, it should be derived from the new technology micro-carbonization process similar to the flooring industry, saying that micro-carbonization by Suzhou create a flooring business, is the flooring industry one kind of leading floor treatment process, by microwave and infrared technology to the floor and other physical drying and anaerobic treatment.

in the absence of oxygen through 470 degrees Celsius temperature carbonization process, not only to retain the present timber has characteristics while stability far beyond the ordinary carbonized floor, it can be adapted to all kinds of complex environments. wpc 2x4 corrosion-resistant board Competition in the industry has "God" in the face of the floor "space marketing," some industry experts and companies have expressed different views.

Deputy Secretary General of Chinese wood flooring Circulation Professional Committee Hu Huijun told reporters, flooring industry is the first to face a people's home consumer goods, head to the Temple of the exchange floor "space marketing" as an excuse,wood plastic composite applications for mailbox mainly speculation.
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