Choosing the type of hardwood floor

Choosing the type of hardwood floor

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Solid wood flooring is basically a piece of wood to cutting processing, cross-section does not appear stratified and broken wood, but also on the basis of the surface of the brush on the paint timber, and finish off the situation does not occur; pergola made from composite decking, clear texture is solid wood another feature of the floor. Piece of wood after Wood texture processing will be more prominent, positive and negative should be the same texture, the same batch of floor color will not differ very far.

Solid wood floor is divided into two in line, three-layer and multi-layer parquet flooring.Three parquet has three layers, the surface for high-quality hardwood slats mosaic specifications plate or board, the middle soft hardwood slats, the bottom peeling veneer. Multi-layer parquet with plywood for the substrate, plastic deck tiles, the surface of high-quality hardwood specification sheet mosaic or sliced veneer. Usually used urea-formaldehyde resin laminated. Higher prices, since the stability of this floor, used to warm the house. Also has wood flooring natural texture, it is a good ground material. Bamboo flooring smell it. Bamboo flooring should be called the bamboo flooring, bamboo and wood is a renewable product compound.

Its panels and floor, using the good bamboo, core, mostly fir, lumber and other wood. Existing bamboo fragrance and texture, but also tough and thick wood, bamboo can usually identify the presence or absence of a component from the smell. No matter what type of floor material selection, trex decking closeout sale, the most important is the quality to cross the border, high-quality wood floor will not have the pungent odor, side and back ground smooth, no glitches.
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