New building materials building materials - ecological wood

New building materials building materials - ecological wood

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Wood is one of the earliest human use of building materials. The history of the ancient buildings of the structural material and decorative material blend of wood, its architectural and artistic use of technology to let the world praise.

Wood has excellent performance, lightweight, high strength, easy processing, electrical conductivity, low thermal conductivity, has good flexibility and toughness, can withstand shock and vibration in a dry environment or long term As water has very good durability. Currently, less wood for external structural material but because of its beautiful natural texture, giving a simple, elegant, gracious texture, decorative effect is very good, it is still widely used in decoration materials. But some flaws and shortcomings of the wood itself, such as the structure is not uniform, each of the opposite sex, hygroscopic deformation, perishable, flammable, more natural flaws and other shortcomings. So people in the timber filled with unlimited reverie time and had to reluctantly part, but now with the continuous development of new technology, people come up a new building material - ecological wood!

Ecological wood R & D not only solved the people for wood beautiful natural texture, giving a simple, elegant, intimate texture of all ages, also addresses these drawbacks inherent in the wood, eco-wood building materials is a new development in a big advantage If you are still not able to make decorations for the use of wood, if you are still worried about the use of materials made of wood will damp it, you still worry about it, fast with the latest ecological wood it!

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